About Us


(EFC) Everest food court is one of the best QSR hygienic fast food chain company. We provided India’s most demanded oil less and grilled hygienic food with world class taste since 2015. The group of company aashalini hospitality industry India pvt ltd. An ISO certified 9001:2015.
We have experience of opening more than 150+ restaurants,and The team of (EFC)Everest Food Court has over 20 years of experience in the food industry,our popular brand is Champaran Handi & Cloud Kitchen, since 2019 onwards EFC (Everest food court) restaurant franchise model is providing which is 35 + autlets. our papular menu is India's No.1 Tasty Grilled Burger, And with we are experts & providing yummi fress base Pizza , fry chicken bucket, grilled wraps, grilled Sandwiches , desserts, beverages, snacks, garlic breads, cake,etc many more 150+ veg , nonveg menu , And also provided India's largest combo meal offer's,
“In a world that is increasingly coming closer we seek to promote the harmony of Indian culture, cuisine and architecture. As a fast growing Indian company in various countries, it is our commitment to live up to our nation's promise to give the best to the world. We strive to set benchmarks in various aspects of our businesses in Food, Hospitality, Hoteliering and Real Estate.”

Our Vision

To create an unmatched experience by maintaining the highest standard of quality, hygiene, service and customer satisfaction

Our Mission

Our first goal is to make the country self-reliant and local for vocal. By which employment should be created more and more, Along with that we are providing hygienic and oil less food Which is given at an affordable rate and the most demanded of today's time By which all the people of the country can eating and buying it with world class taste. Through which the country's corner to corner like as metro city, town city, town etc can be opened everywhere.
To repeatedly offer value addition in all spheres thereby inducing loyalty by patrons. To capture, recreate and replicate the brand experience in as many areas as possible.

Core Value


We pledge honesty, integrity and ethical behavior in everything we do.


We treat people the way we would like to be treated.


We believe in giving back to improve the quality of life in our communities


We are willing to put the team and the team’s needs before our own needs.


We believe in creating opportunity for our people to reach their full potential.


We have a professional food developers, food designers, and 3 master chefs who constantly work on updating our products and introducing new items. We ensure that we change with time and remain relevant and up to date at all times.


We help you tie up with Event Mangers, Restaurants, Corporates, Online food delivery services, Party and Wedding organizers, and other B2B related shops who can sell your products, for further expansion of your outlet sales.


100% assistance given to enable ready to run shop including for machinery, interiors etc. Set up normally takes 30 days.


We believe that quality and taste is extremely important, and therefore we use the highest quality of raw material. This eventually builds trust, and leads to a loyal customer support base. Our products are used by well known celebrities and big corporate houses too. High Ratings of our products on various online food sites and blogs are a testament of this.


The interior design provided by us are very contemporary and modern, and give an international look to the whole outlet.

Our Biggest

Our Biggest Asset Our Group is a people-oriented company and it strives to create a vibrant and open work environment that is employee-friendly and socially responsible. It has a team of diligent and proficient individuals, who collectively contribute in developing and delivering the very best.
The company has created a culture that emphasizes customer centricity, teamwork, and continuous process improvement. Its global work culture provides opportunities for constant learning and growth. Well-structured training modules are in place to ensure constant honing of skills to meet the dynamic requirements of the industry.


A Prestigious
Ideal For All Ages

(EFC) Everest food court currently has all types of people running our Franchise, be it – Professionals who have given up their jobs to be independent businessmen , educated homemakers who wish to own a prestigious business and not be bound by their offices, elderly people seeking a good regular source of income, young people wanting to start out on with a safe and profitable business, and so on. It is a matter of pride to own a modern and contemporary successful business for all our franchisees.

Easy To

It can be a very easy to run business (this is where the need for a good Franchise comes in – one who gives good support for promotion, providing new items, trained chef supply when required*, modern management methods, professionally designed occasion based offers, online awareness, etc. etc. leaving you free to take care of the running of your outlet).

easy to run

Live Kitchen

live kitchen

We are the only Pan India Franchise offering a live kitchen concept, where cakes are made live, in front of the customers in just 7 minutes. While other cake shops tend to sell cakes that are a day old, we pride ourselves for selling fresh cakes. Who doesn’t prefer a fresh Cake? Once we create awareness in our market about our fresh Cakes (and this should be the aim of our Franchisee too), we outshine other Cake brands, no matter how old or popular.

Helpfull Support

We have a professional team of managers and assistants to help you improve your business, or solve any problems you may have. We have the expertise of developing the business of our franchisees by giving them valuable support through promotion ideas, new product development, Helping in Staff recruitment, modern management methods, professionally designed occasion based offers, online awareness, etc.

helpfull support

Marketing &

helpfull support

We help you do many things to create awareness of your outlet. Right from a professional launch offering free cupcakes/pastry or buy 1 get 1 offier on the opening day, to regular multiple promotion offer ideas for all important calendar occasions, advertising campaign ideas, membership schemes, help for online tie-ups as required, social media etc.

helpfull support

Company promotions is done through social media, hoarding, gift card cash back offer, combo offer, online, offline and door to door campaign social work etc.


(EFC) Everest food court is maintains very high standards and operates with immense professionalism. Our helpful and efficient staff will always be accessible to you and will help you resolve day to day issues if any. We believe in a cooperative, friendly and professional approach and expect the same from our franchisees.

highly professionals

Brand Awareness

No need to worry about the initial branding challenges as you will be running a business that is already branded. The branding measures will be taken care of by the company. All the standards will be followed and maintained by the company. You just need to maintain the standards and rules or criteria.


Area Developer

Choose this model if you have plans to start something in the rural areas. EFC is looking for entrepreneurs willing to start franchise outlets in rural areas. We want our taste to be spread across the boundaries and reach to as many people as it could. If you have a similar plan, kindly join hands together.


Online And Offline Presence

As the brand is already popular, it is well established in the industry and also has a good online and offline presence. Apart from that, there will be a continuous flow of various marketing and promotional activities that will keep the brand name more and more familiar to the people around.

The Model Is Already
Tested And Proven

When you go for a franchise business, you don’t need to experiment anything. You will get a readymade business model in place which is all set and ready to launch. Already the profit model and the business model is all set you just need to run the business under the guidance by the experts. All the facilities and everything will be provided from time to time with all the support. So one can expect the profit from the beginning.

tested & proven

Advantages of having
Everest Food Court
as a franchise

  1. Established corporate image and brand awareness & trust.
  2. Extensive training and support to the Franchise.
  3. Everest food court already has the business model in place.
  4. You can focus on running a successful business.
  5. A great way for individuals to own and operate their own business.

Jai Kisan

Jai Kisan Seva is the true service of a nation. Which is a campaign being run by the company, To have health awareness, Through which 10% of the profit is given to the poor sections of the country in the form of donation of coconut water, So that can help them a little to stay healthy or voluntarily adopt the children of the orphanage. For this, 300 coconut water is given free of cost by the company as an incentive and cooperation and without taking royalty, the franchise business is done as a collaboration.

T & C :- ( This service is optional, There is no obligation on the part of the company for this. )

Franchise Business
With EFC

Today food business situation is experiencing the greatest period of disturbance. From speculators vigorously putting resources into the food business to land individuals dispensing more space to food brands, we can say that food business is anticipating the development of the retail-land situation in India. As of late opened Everest food court of India which is the sort to be first of its kind in India has additionally centered a great deal around bringing the best of food brands and bistros under our rooftop. Everest food is purely hygenic food and healthy also in todays generation, more customer preferred and mostly like the hygenic food and even its tasty too. It will make your stomach full once you eat and also it has a very good taste. and we dont use fried oil and maida too. Todays generation there is an more and more crazy of hygiene, as its healthy and low colestrol is there.

Readily Available

No need to search for a good designer and make your logo designs or banner, pamphlet designs or any other creative designs. All are available readily. There is absolutely no headache. You just need to run the business with a tested and proven model and also earn a good profit out of your daily sales.

Less Costs

One can easily start their own business with a small amount of money. It takes only some paperwork afterwards. No big will be investment will be required how i should be for a normal start-up. There will be no promotional and branding expenses as everything will be taken care of by the company.