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EFC Champaran Handi

The dish unfamiliar for the residents of this part of the world is said to be an original cuisine from Champaran-Betia belt of Bihar. Mutton Handi not only brings in the unique method to cook the spicy food with it but also  bring some of the vital ingredients from the cow belt. “Here as well we adopt the unique way of cooking the famous Champaran ka meat, which is quite different from the locally used way and recipe. This makes the dish special in taste and different from Jharkhandi.

Everest Food Court Champaran Pricing

Priced at Rs.800/- Handi, the dish carries one kilogram of best quality mutton along with ingredients, and is sufficient for 5-6 persons. “It is beginning, but You have started getting good responses. The sell is picking up gradually. We also have some plans to expand the business further,”.

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What makes the EFC Champaran Handi Mutton so special ?

“The way it is cooked makes it unique. We do not first fry onion, grinded spices and other items along with mutton, like it is done here in hotels or even at homes. We place the entire mixture with mustered oil into the earthen pot at one go and place the handi on mild heated charcoal. Also, the pot is sealed with wet flour after putting the mixture inside,” the ‘secrets’ that has ruled over red meat lover of the region since time immemorial.

Uniquely, the item cooked for over one hour on low heat, is not stirred by opening the seal and instead shaken with entire pot from time to time. “This makes the dish special as not water is added from outside. The steam generated tenders the mutton without much loss of the flavour of the species put in like gram masala,”. Moreover this is not the last thing from Bihar.”

Although, roadside eateries serving mutton cooked into the earthen pots— believed this leaves a unique smoky flavour into the dish—are growing in number in the capital. What he also needs is finance, preferably from banks, so that he can start ‘home delivery on call’ service.

“We are unaware of Mudra loan, you are talking about, and the processes involved. If it is given to us we can do better and expand,” yet another able taker of the Government’s self-employment initiatives along with in India.