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There are 5 Types of Business Investment Model in EFC

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EFC Dining Restaurant

Model: EFC-001

Project Cost 11.5 Lakh

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EFC Take Away Restaurant

Model: EFC-002

Project Cost 4.8 Lakh

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EFC Take Away Restaurant

Model: EFC-003

Project Cost 6.8 lakh

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EFC Take Away Restaurant

Model: EFC-004

Project Cost 7.8 Lakh

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EFC Catering Business

Model: EFC-005

Project Cost 5.5 Lakh

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Types of Franchise Ownership for Everest Food Court -

There are many different types of franchise ownership opportunities:

Single Unit Franchise

One can start a small outlet that incorporates a small unit of 100 Sq Ft area. You can open A small unit of EFC-Eat Healthy stall and start generating good revenue. Perfect for small business owners with less investmen.

Multi-Unit Franchise

If you are looking for opening multiple food joints, then this model will be the most suitable for you. Within an area of 2 Kilometers radius, you can start another eatery that belongs to EFC.

Area developer

Choose this model if you have plans to start something in the rural areas. EFC is looking for entrepreneurs willing to start franchise outlets in rural areas. We want our taste to be spread across the boundaries and reach to as many people as it could. If you have a similar plan, kindly join hands together.

Master Franchise

This model gives you all the rights to open multiple food joints all over the state and also is eligible to provide sub franchises to other units. If you go for this model, then you need to take care of all the corporate promotional stuff, providing all kinds of support starting from promotional support till the training support and everything. It is considered to be the most profitable franchise model when it comes to EFC.

Joint Venture

This one is a complete business model. Apart from the franchise offers, EFC is also looking for people having spare spaces where EFC can open a food stall or food court. We are wholeheartedly welcoming people who have extra space. We are ready to open an outlet at your place and share the revenue together.