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Our Motivation for Discovering EFC


Being an Indian by heart, we have known people’s undying love for pani puri. Observing the common problems of pani puri vendors, we noticed they are usually confronted with challenges of maintaining hygiene, consistent taste and affordability. Once the problems were identified, we moved ahead to include a touch a technology in this traditional method of serving Indian chaat dishes.

With the launch of EFC, we address all common problems of chaat vendors:

Human involvement is minimized as automated machine is used to dispatch pani for puri. EFC also has in-built cleaning, refill, emergency stop, start and stop pump functionalities to ensure proper hygiene is maintained.

There is no compromise in taste as customers can themselves customize the taste of pani puri as per their preferences through a capacitive touch panel.

EFC has the capacity to serve 10 to 20 customers at a time. This reduces the waiting time.

EFC is affordable as installing this machine is a one-time investment with assured returns on investment.

Pani Puri Shots Take Away franchise
Pani Puri Shots take Away Restaurant Franchise India

EFC Pani Puri Shots Interior Model

EFC Everest food Court Pvt. Ltd. This machine has embedded system design and allows for detailed analysis of business through the cloud-based system.

Working of EFC model is as described below:

Customers take puri with masala inside and stand near to EFC model. The machine allows customer to select the type of pani they wish to be served with – spicy, medium or sweet.

Once the choice of pani is made by the customer, place the puri beneath the pipe from where water would be filled.

EFC model fills puri with perfect amount of pani. No water is wasted in this process.

Relish your pani puri. Customers can change the preference of pani as per their taste for the next serving of pani.

What’s Unique About EFC Model?

EFC machine, first installed in Ahmedabad and spreading to many other cities in India, is innovative in every way.

There is a screen at each outlet of pani for customer’s entertainment.Customers can enjoy the traditional Indian chaat without getting bored!

No extra water is wasted as machine is programmed to fill just the right quantity of pani in each puri.

If customer wishes to have less amount of pani, he/she can simply pull back puri.In this case, extra amount water goes straight into the drainage system, which is installed right at the bottom of water outlet.

Such drainage system allows for maintaining clean surroundings for the next customer. In short, EFC pani puri model is designed and developed in a way to support Swachh Bharat Mission.

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